trauma class

Skinny Medic

Shelf Reliance & THRIVE Foods 

You never know when you will be the first responder! Remember,
​you need the right gear and
the right training!

I believe more people need to be prepared with security, food, water, and medical preps. Remember Bullets, Beans, and Bandaids! 

I take no responsibility on how you take or use the information on my website or YouTube channel. I hope everyone of you will take a first aid / CPR class! My videos are not meant to take the place of formal training. 

Skinny Medic is the owner of Medical Gear Outfitters, LLC. Medical Gear Outfitters provides affordable IFAKS (Individual First Aid Kits) for people who love to spend time outdoors. The first aid kits are great for people who hunt, hike, fish, or people who are looking for a first aid kit for their bug out bags.

The Skinny Medic store is full of medical and trauma supplies.
​You can buy premade kits or
individual supplies.